Rick Bell earns Faculty Team of the Year Award
Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Rick Bell earns Faculty Team of the Year Award
Rick Bell receives All Conference Faculty Team Award during faculty callback. (Credit: Katie Arnold)

LEBANON, Tenn. -- Cumberland University Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR), Rick Bell, garnered the Mid-South Conference Faculty Team of the Year award. Cumberland President, Dr. Paul Stumb, and Director of Athletics, Ron Pavan, presented Bell with the award this morning at the faculty callback.

"Rick Bell is an amazing Faculty Athletic Representative." Pavan said. "He has bridged the gap between academics and athletics. He is one of our best professors at Cumberland University."

Bell has served as the Phoenix FAR for over 10 years and is a history professor at Cumberland. He has provided strong leadership and passion to the university and the city of Lebanon.

"Several years ago, Ron Pavan and Mitch Walters asked me to serve as Faculty Athletic Representative. It was an honor to be considered, and it continues to be an honor to work as a bridge between academics and athletics," stated Bell.

One of Bell's favorite parts of being Cumberland's FAR is interacting with the student-athletes. 

"Working with our student-athletes as they grow personally and academically has truly been a rewarding experience."

Bell continued, expressing the importance of team and how each of his colleagues at CU work together to help all students grow, "there are many of my fellow faculty members who are just as, if not more, deserving as I am. At Cumberland University, educating our students is a team effort."

He was nominated for his diligent and outstanding service to the university as well as work in other aspects, including: eligibility, student affairs and academic progress.

The MSC Faculty Team of the Year consisted of one member from each full time institution.