Wezel, Bell place in Top 10 for CU bowling
Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Wezel, Bell place in Top 10 for CU bowling
Kelsey Wezel finished eighth at the Thomas N. Burris Memorial Classic and 31st at the Louisville Collegiate Classic over the weekend. (Credit Bob Tamboli)

LEBANON, Tenn. – Sophomore Peyton Bell placed ninth at the Louisville Collegiate Classic on Saturday and junior Kelsey Wezel finished eighth at the Thomas N. Burris Memorial Classic on Sunday, leading the Cumberland bowling teams over the weekend in Louisville, Ky.

Wezel knocked down 924 pins for her eighth-place showing after posting 837 for 31st-place on Saturday. Senior Amee Pervine was 37th on Saturday with 822 pins and 45th on Sunday with 690, while senior Taylor Wagner registered 282 pins on Saturday for 34th and 658 on Sunday for 51st.

Sophomore Rickie Denton finished 42nd on Saturday with 781 pins and she was 53rd on Sunday with 646, and junior Hannah Ellsworth recorded 494 pins for 68th on Saturday and 503 for 66th on Sunday.

Bell paced the men on Saturday with 1,098 pins while Jarred Bradshaw tied for 19th with 1,045 and senior Chase Midgett tied for 29th with 986. Freshmen Matt Holmes and Baytley Cardwell were 53rd and 63rd, respectively, with 777 and 601 pins and junior Justin Pervine placed 96th with 203. Seniors Johnathon Davis and Nathan Parrott also rolled just one game along with Pervine, collecting 142 and 140 pins.

Holmes led the Phoenix on Sunday with 887 pins, good for 35th, while Bradshaw was 59th with 675 and Bell finished 66th with 617. Freshman Nick Anderson and Pervine placed 76th and 77, respectively, with 413 and 377 pins and Davis was 82nd with 324. Parrott finished 87th with 290 and freshman Thomas Chenault was 88th with 254.

Cumberland competes again October 14-15 at the Black and Orange Classic hosted by the University of Pikeville in Dayton, Ohio.


9. Peyton Bell, 1098 pins
t19. Jarred Bradshaw, 1045 pins
t29. Chase Midgett, 986 pins
53. Matt Holmes, 777 pins
63. Baytley Cardwell, 601 pins
96. Justin Pervine, 203 pins
100. Johnathon Davis, 142 pins
101. Nathan Parrott, 140 pins

31. Kelsey Wezel, 837 pins
34. Taylor Wagner, 828 pins
37. Amee Pervine, 822 pins
42. Rickie Denson, 781 pins
68. Hannah Ellsworth, 494 pins


35. Matt Holmes, 887 pins
59. Jarred Bradshaw, 675 pins
66. Peyton Bell, 617 pins
76. Nick Anderson, 413 pins
77. Justin Pervine, 377 pins
82. Johnathon Davis, 324 pins
87. Nathan Parrott, 290 pins
88. Thomas Chenault, 254 pins

8. Kelsey Wezel, 924 pins
45. Amee Pervine, 690 pins
51. Taylor Wagner, 658 pins
53. Rickie Denson, 646 pins
66. Hannah Ellsworth, 503 pins