Men's Bowling placed 6th in Tournament
Monday, November 18, 2019
Men's Bowling placed 6th in Tournament
Peyton Bell lead the Phoenix with knocking down 1,110 pins to help Cumberland placed 6th. (Credit: Bob Tamboli)

MOBILE, AL- The Men’s Bowling team competed and placed 6th out of 12 teams this weekend at the Springhill Fall tournament.

Peyton Bell and Jarred Bradshaw were able to place inside the top 20 out of 104 bowlers to help Cumberland control their spot at 6th place.

Bell lead the team as he knocked down 1,110 pins in just six games, making him average 185 pins per game helping him place 16th. Bradshaw followed behind Bell as he placed 18th by knocking down 1,085 pins in six games, making him average 180 pins per game.

Matthew Charlton squeezed his way into the top 25 by placing 22nd, he recorded 1,073 pins in six games and averaged 178 pins per game. Andrew Shattuck placed 71st for the Phoenix by knocking down 666 pins in four games, averaging 166 pins per game.

Grayson Hemontolor recorded 641 pins in four games helping him place 73rd, he averaged 160 pins per game. Matthew Dominey only played in three games placing 84th for Cumberland but was able to knock down 456 pins, averaging 152 pins per game.

Thomas Chenault was the final participant for Cumberland as he placed 100th, only bowling one game and knocking down 125 pins. The team recorded 5,165 pins as a team and added an additional 2,585 in the Baker total to make it an overall total of 7,741 pins helping the Phoenix place 6th.

Cumberland will be competing in the Thomas More Classic on December 7th and 8th in Erlanger, Ky


Individual Score

16. Peyton Bell- 1,110

18. Jarred Bradshaw- 1,085

22. Matthew Charlton- 1,073

71. Andrew Shuttuck- 666

73. Grayson Hemontolor- 641

84. Matthew Dominey- 456

100. Thomas Chenault- 125