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The mission of the Cumberland University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting community involvement opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare, and fostering a positive student-athlete image.

• To streamline and promote efficient communication between Cumberland University administration and the student-athlete population.
• To actively encourage more involvement of the student-athletes in campus and community projects and events.
• To design and implement programs that will encourage academic achievement, health promotion, social responsibility and general awareness.
• Disseminate information to all student-athletes at CU.
• Provide feedback and insight into athletic department issues.
• Build a sense of community within the athletics program involving all athletic teams.
• Promote a positive student-athlete image on campus and in the community.
• To promote and support fan involvement for all sports.

SAAC ADVISOR: Meredith McDowell

Position Name Class Sport
President Tais Lacerda Bezerra SR Women's Tennis
Vice President Zeke Hunt SR Wrestling
Secretary Karli Collins r-SO Volleyball



Name Class Sport
TaCouya Allen SR Women's Basketball
Victoria Bennett r-SR Softball
Tais Lacerda Bezerra SR Tennis
Lamar Brinkley r-SR Men's Basketball
Andres Burgos JR Tennis
David Capers SO Wrestling
David Cheers r-JR Cross Country
Calamity Jane Coley SO Women's Basketball
Karli Collins r-SO Volleyball
Presli Dickerson SR Cheerleading
Morganne Endicott JR Cycling
Keaton Gaffney SO Cross Country
Austin Garrett SR Golf
Kevin T. Greene SR Baseball
Ian Hamilton JR Men's Soccer
Zeke Hunt SR Wrestling
Devon Jamerson SR Softball
Dillon Kirkham JR Football
Renee LaRose r-JR Women's Soccer
Katie Martin JR Athletic Training
Josh McCausland JR Men's Soccer
Christie Moss JR Bowling
Jenna Pavan JR Volleyball
Haley Pitcock SR Cheerleading
Richie Seaton SR Baseball
Tommy Schubert JR Cycling
Matthew Shattuck SR Athletic Training
Theo Shipp SR Bowling
Kayla Smith SR Golf
Michelle Ward SR Women's Soccer
Luke Webb r-SO Football
Terry Williams SR Men's Basketball