Hall of Fame


To identify and honor in a permanent manner those individuals who have achieved excellence in athletics at Cumberland University.


Individuals who shall be designed as eligible for Sports Hall of Fame honors are those who:

  1. Have achieved excellence in athletics at Cumberland University having earned at least one (1) varsity letter for sports activities on the intercollegiate level and have been officially disassociated as a student for a period of at least five (5) years, or
  2. Have advanced and enhanced the concept of athletics at Cumberland University through their talents as coaches, or
  3. Have contributed to the advancement of athletics at Cumberland University, and who are classified as non-athletes or coaches, and who may or may not have matriculated at Cumberland University.


  1. Nominations
    1. Shall be made in writing, including full justification for the nomination.
    2. Awards should be limited to a maximum of five (5) athletes and one (1) “Coach of the Year” in any year.
  2. Selection Committee
    1. The Sports Hall of Fame officers shall appoint the selection committee. The committee shall consist of five (5) Cumberland University alumni. Up to two (2) additional members may be non-alumni with advisory, non-voting privileges.


  1. Current Hall of Fame members who are convicted of a felony in the years following their induction will be removed from the Hall of Fame rolls and plaque that hangs in the Dallas Floyd Phoenix Arena.

Nominations should be submitted to Sports Information Director Kyle Allen via mail (One Cumberland Square, Lebanon, TN 37087), e-mail ([email protected]) or fax (615/443-8422).

Name Graduation Year Sport(s) Year of Induction
Lindsey Donnell 1936 Football Class of 1977
Michael F. Gialanella 1937 Football Class of 1977
Allison Battle Humphreys, Sr. 1896 Football, Coach Class of 1977
William Wallace Suddarth 1905 Football Class of 1977
Curry Ned Vaughn 1936 Football Class of 1977
David B. Aaron 1936 Football Class of 1978
Wilson West 1935 Football Class of 1978
Hoyal Johnson 1938 Football Class of 1978
Irvin "Tiny" Knee 1927 Football, Coach Class of 1978
Duane "Slim" Patrick 1942 Basketball Class of 1978
Frank D. "Red" Smith 1905 Football Class of 1978
John G. Burns 1924 Football, Basketball, Baseball Class of 1978
Joe "Buck" Loomis 1937 Football Class of 1978
Garland "Gus" Morrow   Coach Class of 1978
Laban Lacy Rice 1891 Baseball Class of 1979
Cale Young Rice 1893 Baseball Class of 1979
William Donnell Baird 1931 Baseball, Football Class of 1979
James Thomas Head 1965 Basketball Class of 1979
Allison Battle Humphryes, Jr. 1929 Football Class of 1979
James Butler Bushyhead 1906 Track, Baseball Class of Spring 1980
Brice O. Hall, Jr. 1936 Baseball, Football Class of Spring 1980
Sam Delk Kennedy 1950 Basketball Class of Spring 1980
Homer C. Knee 1929 Football Class of Spring 1980
Dennis Ray Snyder 1965 Basketball Class of Spring 1980
Cliff Ellis   Coach Class of Spring 1980
David Prehoda 1934 Basketball Class of Fall 1980
Thomas Jewell Murphy 1960 Basketball Class of Fall 1980
J.J. "Dude" Wesson 1926 Football Class of Fall 1980
Frances Vaughan Robison 1928 Basketball Class of Fall 1980
Leland Pitzer Major 1925 Baseball Class of Fall 1980
Roger G. "Thug" Murray 1924 Football, Basketball, Coach Class of Fall 1980
Mark Riggins 1966 Basketball Class of 1981
Van Washer   Coach Class of 1981
Kirby Jordan 1949 Baseball, Football Class of 1982
William Paul Redick 1936 Football Class of 1982
Joseph Edward Lowry 1968 Basketball Class of 1982
Barry Dale Sutton 1947 Boxing Class of 1982
Will Cragwall 1905 Football Class of 1983
Ernest L. Stockton 1939 Tennis, Administration Class of 1984
Bruce Skeen 1965 Baseball Class of 1984
Ransom Shannon Robison 1939 Football Class of 1985
Fount Robison 1931 Football Class of 1986
Charles L. Fishback 1975 Basketball Class of 1986
Bobbie Jane Smith Lowe 1951 Basketball Class of 1986
John Hunn 1987 Basketball Class of 1987
Nickie Neal 1987 Basketball Class of 1987
Frances Wesson Gregory 1928 Basketball Class of 1987
Willie "Pickett" Smith 1974 Basketball Class of 1988
Arthur "Bull" Beesley 1948 Football Class of 1988
Jean Stone Denney 1941 Football Class of 1988
Ronald G. "Woody" Hunt   Coach Class of 1988
Bernie Sanford Bass 1948 Basketball Class of 1989
James Nelson Fisher 1942 Basketball Class of 1989
Tommy Davis 1965 Basketball Class of 1989
Tommy Bryan 1977 Contributer Class of 1990
Katherine Vaughan Beard 1932 Basketball Class of 1990
Carl M. Boley 1951 Football Class of 1991
Byrd Douglas 1921 Coach Class of 1991
Scot A. "Doc" Holliday 1980 Baseball Class of 1991
Jack "Red" Hamlin 1951 Football, Baseball Class of 1992
Jim B. Satterfield 1951 Football, Basketball, Baseball Class of 1992
Jerry Kamis 1972 Golf, Basketball Class of 1992
Joe Black Hayes   Coach Class of 1992
Brown Braly, Jr.   Football, Baseball Class of 1993
Betsy Stephens Byrne 1979 Tennis Class of 1993
Mickey Martin 1986 Baseball Class of 1993
Sherrie Chaffin 1986 Basketball Class of 1993
Joe Modica 1986 Baseball Class of 1993
Eugene McIlwain   Coach Class of 1994
Robert S. McCullough 1951 Football, Basketball Class of 1994
Vance W. Orr 1937 Football Class of 1994
John Primm 1983 Basketball Class of 1994
Teresa Davis Valentino 1988 Basketball Class of 1994
Foster Eugene Hoyt 1950 Football Class of 1995
Benton Jennings 1942 Contributor Class of 1995
Gary Dayhoff 1991 Baseball Class of 1995
Jon Franklin 1989 Baseball Class of 1995
Carrol Smith 1951 Football Class of 1995
Robby Richardson 1959 Basketball Class of 1995
Charles Beesley 1942 Football Class of 1997
James Britt 1974 Basketball Class of 1997
Ben E. Whiteaker 1948 Football Class of 1997
Lachresha R. Cotton-DeMoss 1993 Basketball Class of 2005
Kenneth Alex Buhler 1971 Baseball, Contributor Class of 2005
Tim Hall 1997 Baseball Class of 2005
James William Massengille 1994 Football Class of 2005
Scott Corman 1994 Baseball Class of 2009
Mickey Englett   Coach Class of 2009
Steve Green   Baseball Class of 2009
Kevin Hite 1996 Baseball Class of 2009
Lacritia Wilson Sanson 1991 Volleyball Class of 2009
Rosa Stokes 1988 Basketball Class of 2009
Nick Coutras   Coach Class of 2010
Bud Childers   Basketball, Coach Class of 2010
Randy Stegall 2002 Baseball Class of 2010
Roger Cox   Baseball Class of 2010
Tommy Smith 1990 Baseball Class of 2010
Rita Maynard McCarthy 2000 Volleyball Class of 2010
Dave Beck 2001 Baseball Class of 2011
Kathy Palk Salughter 1994 Volleyball Class of 2011
Mitch Walters   Coach/Contributor Class of 2011
Joe Fushey 1994 Baseball Class of 2011
Herschel Moore   Coach Class of 2011
Rick Reeves   Coach Class of 2012
Doug Binkley 1994 Football Class of 2012
Renae Williams 2008 Women's Basketball Class of 2012
Chuck MacFarlane 2006 Baseball Class of 2012
Becky King Weber 1991 Women's Basketball Class of 2013
Tommy Smith 1978 Men's Basketball Class of 2013
1988 Baseball Team   Baseball Class of 2013
Ashley Putman Serbin 1997 Softball Class of 2015
1966 Men's Basketball Team   Men's Basketball Class of 2015
Pat Lawson 1997 Contributor Class of 2017
Corey Bleaken 2011 Wrestling Class of 2017
Danielle Henry 2003 Softball Class of 2017
Ricky Collins 1975 Men's Basketball Class of 2019
Mark Purvis 1993 Baseball Class of 2019
1982-83 Women's Basketball Team   Women's Basketball Class of 2019