NAIA announces Scholar-Athletes for the 2019-20 academic year
Tuesday, September 15, 2020
NAIA announces Scholar-Athletes for the 2019-20 academic year

LEBANON, Tenn-The NAIA announced the Scholar-Athlete list for the 2019-20 academic year on Tuesday. A total of 49 members from the Cumberland Phoenix were honored across multiple sports.

To be eligible for the list, student-athletes must be in their Junior or Senior year in the classroom and average at least a 3.5 cumulative grade-point average.



Alex Landis Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

Caleb Davenport Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Christian Straub Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

Cole Matherley Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Corey Perkins Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior

Dillon Miller Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Gray Richards Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Jackson Ferguson Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior

Junior Matt Rowe Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

Wiley Barton Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior  



Alyssa Brim Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Lindy Archie Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior



Brady Stokes Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Brandon Taylor Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Brenden Dickens Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

Jordan Higgins Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Kaleb Witherspoon Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Tyler Tate Cumberland (Tenn.) Grad Student  


Men's Bowling

Peyton Bell Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior  


Men's Cross Country

Jerry Rojas Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior  


Men's Golf

Reece Gaddes Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior  


Men's Soccer 

Wilson Musyoka Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior  


Men's Track and Field

Desmond Maclin Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

William Chandler Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior  


Men's Wrestling

David Dunford Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior  



Courtney Miles Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

Kayley Caplinger Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Madison Woodruff Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

Paige Robinson Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

Taylor Woodring Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

Tyra Graham Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior  


Women's Basketball

Anna Worley Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

Katherine Griffith Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

Mackenzie Trouten Cumberland (Tenn.)Junior  


Women's Cross Country

Abby Gawthorp Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior  


Women's Golf

Heidi Wilson Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior  


Women's Soccer

Andrea Woywitka Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Arden Butler Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Camille Atkins Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Johanna Rappe Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Luca Jőns Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

Paige Loveless Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Sarah Haddock Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior  


Women's Tennis

Ana Marie Collazos Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior

Joana Bou Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior

Stefanie Navaratnam Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior


Women's Volleyball

Madison Dinwiddie Cumberland (Tenn.) Junior 

Masa Nalovic Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior 

Raegan Moeller Cumberland (Tenn.) Senior