Sports Performance

Mission Statement and Philosophy

Utilizing a scientific and physiological-based approach, our mission is to provide our student-athletes with a comprehensive performance training system to enhance athletic performance and maximize ability to succeed in their sport. Cumberland University's Strength and Conditioning program is dedicated to developing work ethic, discipline and an improved quality of life for the Cumberland athlete.

Our top priority is injury reduction and keeping athletes healthy and on their field of play. We train our athletes systematically and by design in order to better serve individual needs and abilities. We educate athletes on the most innovative and advanced methods of functional weight training, nutrition, recovery and rehabilitation. We provide a well-managed, clean facility with the essential equipment necessary to improve performance and promote a safe and professional environment. Through continued research, development and implementation of a year-round progressive periodized training program, we strive to give athletes the coaching and tools necessary to reach their athletic potential.

Focus points for our program include:

  • Injury Reduction and Prevention
  • Proper lifting technique and movement mechanics
  • Dynamic Flexibility and Joint Mobility
  • Sport-Specific Metabolic Conditioning
  • Acceleration and Speed Development
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Optimal Nutrition for Athletic Performance
  • Work Ethic, Mental Toughness, Consistent Effort