Athletic Training Policy

Athletic Training Department Policy


The athletic training personnel are primarily responsible for the delivery of the health care system to all student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics at Cumberland University.  This health care includes prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and management of injuries or illnesses sustained during practices or games, as well as on-site coverage of practices and games.


Athletic Training Facilities Use

Use of the Athletic Training Facilities is for individuals involved in the intercollegiate athletic department, students, staff, and faculty of Cumberland University.  These medical facilities are also available to visiting teams on a reciprocal, courtesy basis.  No other person or individual, except as described above, shall receive care other than emergency first aid without the authorization of the Director of Athletic Training and/or Head Athletic Trainer.


Athletic Training Facility General Operational Hours

The Athletic Training Facility will be open:

      Monday - Friday                            8-12 by Appointment ONLY

                                                             Afternoons from 1 - 5 PM

      Saturday & Sunday                       By appointment ONLY

It is often necessary for the Athletic Training Facility to remain open past the scheduled times.  These times are for general use only.  The Athletic Training Facility shall remain operational during all practices and events.  When the athletic training facility is not in use, it will remain locked at all times. 


These facilities are under the direct supervision of the Director of Athletic Training, Head Athletic Trainer, and/or certified staff.  No athlete or patient will be allowed in the Athletic Training Facility without supervision.


The certified athletic training staff and/or athletic training students who are trained in their use and under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer, due to their potential danger, must operate all therapeutic modalities.


A list of Athletic Training Facility Policies is posted.  Any violation will result in the immediate removal of the student athlete's privileges in the Athletic Training Facility.


Student-Athlete Policies

  • Report all injuries as soon as possible.
  • Report for all treatments and doctors’ appointments on time.
  • Do not remove any equipment from the Athletic Training Facilities without authorization.
  • Do not dress or undress in the Athletic Training Facilities.
  • Wear proper attire for any treatment being given. This includes shorts AND a shirt.
  • After practice, take a shower before routine treatment of injuries and wounds.
  • Please help to keep the Athletic Training Facilities clean.
  • Avoid horseplay, improper language or any behavior unbecoming a Cumberland University student-athlete.
  • Respect the requests of the athletic training staff just as you would your coaching staff. Failure to comply with athletic training facilities policies or with athletic training staff will result in loss of athletic training facilities privileges and further punishment.
  • Stay out of the Athletic Training Facilities unless you are there for a purpose. The athletic training facilities is not a place for socialization.
  • No eating, drinking or use of tobacco products in the Athletic Training Facilities.
  • No cleats or spikes allowed in the Athletic Training Facilities. Keep all shoes off of the treatment tables.
  • The Athletic Training Facilities will not be an excuse for being late to practice or class.
  • Absolutely NO cell phone use in the Athletic Training Facilities.