Insurance Policy

Insurance Policy


Below is information regarding the athletic healthcare programs, including athletic insurance coverage, available to student-athletes through their involvement in Cumberland University athletics.  There are a few guidelines that must be followed in order to receive the most comprehensive care and coverage. 


It is the philosophy of the Cumberland University Athletic Department that all athletes have the right to complete and comprehensive athletic healthcare.  In order for this to occur, all athletic injuries MUST be managed through the Cumberland University Athletic Training Department.  This is initiated through the team's assigned athletic trainer.


All injuries due to athletic related accidents will be eligible for coverage under the Athletic Department’s insurance policy.  As is standard with all university athletic insurance, our athletic insurance is considered a secondary policy.  This means that the student-athlete’s personal health insurance will be utilized first, and then the athletic department’s secondary insurance policy will make payment on any balance due.   The athlete’s personal health insurance must cover at a minimum, the first $25,000.00 in healthcare costs per occurrence on any one claim.  The following are two examples of personal health insurance plans that comply with the requirements contained herein of the Cumberland University’s Medical Policy:


  • Low deductible 80/20 plan
    • Deductible: up to $1500
    • Co-insurance rate – In Network: 80% to $2,000 then 100% to plan maximum
    • Sports- Related Injury coverage: $25,000
  • High-deductible 100% plan
    • High Deductible: up to $7,500
    • Co-insurance rate – In Network: 100% once deductible has been met
    • Sports-Related Injury coverage: $25,000


In the event the student-athlete fails to maintain insurance adequate to cover the required minimum of at least $25,000.00, the student will be responsible for the initial $25,000.00 of healthcare costs.  In no event will a student-athlete be knowingly allowed to participate in athletics without the minimum personal health insurance coverage of at least $25,000.00 per occurrence. Rarely there may still be a balance due after the student-athlete’s primary and the institution’s secondary insurances have made their payments.  The remaining balance is the responsibility of the student-athlete in the event such occurs.


In order to be eligible for secondary athletic insurance coverage, all referrals to physicians, hospitals, or other providers must be made through the CU Athletic Training Department prior to the visit.  The Athletic Department utilizes members of the CU Sports Medicine staff which includes; medical director and team orthopedic physician Dr. Damon H. Petty at Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance; team general medicine physician, Dr. Bernard T. Sy, and team optometrist, Dr. Jon Franklin at Franklin Family Eye Care.  Failure to follow this procedure will result in denial of payment by the athletic department’s secondary insurance policy administrators.


The university does recognize the student-athlete's and/or parent's right to utilize a physician or healthcare provider of their choice.  The athletic department policy does not prohibit this option.  Athletes may seek services from medical providers of their choice without coverage from Cumberland University’s secondary insurance policy.  Exceptions to this policy must receive written authorization from the Director of Athletic Training prior to your visit in order for CU’s secondary athletic insurance plan administrator to make payment on the expenses.  Athletic injuries or medical conditions not related to a specific athletic accident while at Cumberland University, or injuries and conditions with a previous history or "pre-existing" conditions, shall not be covered by the athletic department’s secondary insurance plan.  However, any injury, illness, or physical condition which would preclude full participation in intercollegiate athletics MUST be fully disclosed to the athletic training staff.


Athlete and parental cooperation is the key to making sure the student-athlete’s medical expenses get paid as quickly as possible.  Our secondary insurance plan administrator may request information from you, such as an explanation of benefits (EOB), current employment status, or additional information.  If so, it is your responsibility to send that information to our insurance company as well as to the athletic training department.  If this information is not provided, the insurance company will eventually close the file and deny payment, therefore making the student-athlete responsible for the accrued expenses.  The student-athlete or his or her parent/guardian’s participation is vital to getting bills paid on time.  Also, do not assume that bills have been sent to the athletic training department once your primary insurance has paid.  Any remaining bills need to be sent to our athletic training department for payment.  Also, if the student-athlete’s primary healthcare insurance changes throughout the course of the academic year please notify the Athletic Training Department as quickly as possible.  It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to provide up to date primary healthcare insurance information to the athletic training department.  Failure to do so may result in denial of coverage from Cumberland University’s secondary insurance policy.


Every student-athlete at Cumberland University is required to have primary healthcare coverage that covers accidents that occur during intercollegiate athletics participation. The intercollegiate athletics’ insurance must cover at a minimum the first $25,000.00 costs per occurrence of a student-athlete.   If a student-athlete does not have primary healthcare insurance, they must purchase a short-term insurance policy. That policy must cover the student-athlete for a minimum of nine (9) months or until the end of the academic year.  Kaiser Permanente, State Medicaid’s (Tennessee accepted) and International Travel Policies do not meet the insurance requirements for student-athletes. Student-athletes will not be cleared to participate at Cumberland University until they have obtained a primary healthcare insurance that is compliant with Cumberland University Policy.  Student-athletes who purchase short-term insurance policies must provide proof to the Cumberland University that their insurance policy covers injuries sustained during intercollegiate athletic participation. If, at any time during the academic year, their policy expires or they become ineligible for benefits then they will be deemed ineligible to participate in CU athletics.