2020 Tryouts

Welcome to Cumberland University Spirit Summer Virtual Tryouts!

Due to these unprecedented circumstances, CU Spirit Program will have Virtual Tryouts. Go to our Instagram, Each student will receive routine videos of the following: Chant, Dance, CU Fight Song, and CU Release documents. All materials will be sent via email so you can easily prepare at home.   


December 12th- Submit your paperwork and your tryout video via email by 11 AM to [email protected]


Please put together your video in the following order of requirements:


Hello, my name is _____________ and I am trying out for cheer or dance.


CU Cheerleader Tryout Requirements   

  1. Chant
  2. Spirit Dance
  3. Jumps (Toe Touch or Pike)
  4. Tumbling a plus! Standing and/or series 
  5. CU Fight Song
  6. Stunt Position. It is okay to provide CURRENThigh school or all-star videos. If you don't have video footage, your stunts will be judged at a later time.  


CU Dance Tryout Requirements

Favor style of dance ______________

  1. CU School Fight Song
  2. Dance
  3. Double Pirouette
  4. Front Kick
  5. Toe Touch
  6. 3 Fouettés


What to wear

Proper Attire Ladies: You may wear natural makeup and your hair back, out of your face. Please wear a white top or white sports tops with black Soffe shorts, white socks, and tennis shoes. Dancers: Same as cheer except for no bow and wear jazz shoes. Gentlemen: You must be clean-shaven and have trimmed hair. Please wear a white t-shirt, black gym shorts, white athletic socks, and tennis shoes.

No jewelry allowed! 


Don't forget to send:

  1. Completed application and waiver
  2. Copy of Cumberland Acceptance Letter