General Information

The Cumberland University (CU) cheerleaders are ambassadors of the University and are involved in on-campus activities as well as in the community. CU cheerleaders promote and uphold school spirit, develop a sense of good sportsmanship and promote enthusiasm of spectators at athletic events.

Cumberland University cheerleaders cheer at all home and away football games as well as at all men’s and women’s home basketball games.

Cheerleaders during Football Game

Being a CU cheerleader is a commitment. All cheerleaders must learn to manage their time well. When selecting the CU cheerleading squad we are looking for individuals who demonstrate proper technical skills, ability to communicate, excellent athletic ability, poise, noteworthy cheerleading experience and potential to contribute to the CU cheerleading squad. These individuals may not be the most experienced, but show the most potential to contribute to the program.

All cheerleaders who meet specific tumbling and stunting requirements may be a part of our competition team.