Phoenix Fall to the Warriors, 3-2
Friday, March 13, 2020
Phoenix Fall to the Warriors, 3-2
Christian Lester led the Phoenix in kills with 12 in 3-2 loss against Webber International (Credit: Steve Wampler)

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky.- After being ahead two sets, the Phoenix fell to the Webber International Warriors, 3-2.

Christian Lester led the Phoenix in kills with 13, while Jordan Pierce, Tyler Sturzoiu, and Mason Chambers all recorded 9 kills. Pierce led the team in assists with 29, and Caleb Ginnings led the Phoenix with 14 digs.

The Phoenix started out hot as they were able to jump to a 5-1 lead over the Warriors, coming from an ace by Chambers and four attack errors by the Warriors. The Phoenix began to have some miscues, which allowed the Warriors to fight their way back into the game, making the score 10-7.

A kill by Cumberland’s Kona Carruthers and an attack error by Webber’s Kenneth Alicea put the Phoenix ahead 16-11. A solo kill by Lester and Pierce continued to increase the Phoenix lead to 19-13. After a kill by Pierce, and an attack error by the Warriors, the Phoenix reached set point, where Carruthers was able to win the set for the Phoenix, 25-19.

The Phoenix continued to dominate the court as they jumped to a 4-2 lead coming from a kill by Carruthers and Pierce but due to errors by the Phoenix the Warriors were able to tie the game up at 4. After a 4-0 run by the Phoenix, which was caused by Warrior errors, both teams recorded an ace to put the score at 10-6. A kill by Webber’s Justin Beecher, and an attack error by Carruthers, cut the lead for the warriors to 15-11.

A pair of kills by Webber’s Orlando Fletcher was followed up by a pair of errors by the Warriors, to put the game at 17-13, still Phoenix lead. After an ace by Sturzoiu, and a pair of kills by Lester the Phoenix increased the score to 21-16. After a Webber’s timeout, Carruthers, and Chambers both posted a kill, both coming from an assist by Pierce to put the Phoenix at set point. Lester was able to find an opening in the Warriors defense, and end the set with a kill by a score of 25-20.

Set three started with the Phoenix being on top 5-3, coming from a kill by Chambers and Pierce in mix with multiple errors by both teams. A kill by Michael Conway, and Sturzoiu put Phoenix ahead four with a score of 7-3. After a kill by Webber’s Daniel Hermida, and Bryant Herrera, the Warriors began to chip at the lead making it 14-12.

An ace, and a pair of kills by Chambers increase the Phoenix lead to 17-13. After miscues by the Phoenix, and an ace by Beecher the Warriors were only down one, 18-17. After kills by Herrera, and Kyle Robertson the Warriors were able to tie the Phoenix at 20. After numerous errors by the Phoenix, the Warriors took a 24-22 lead to put them at set point. An attack error by Sturzoiu, put the Warriors ahead to win set three, 25-22.

The Warriors came out strong against the Phoenix as they started set four with a 5-0 lead. Kills by Chambers and Sturzoiu put the Phoenix on the board, but an error by Conway and a kill by Hermida put the score at 10-3, Warriors lead. An ace, and kill by Sturzoiu continued to cut at the lead, as the Warriors led 15-6. Errors by the Warriors, and a kill by Sturzoiu and Chambers put the Phoenix down seven, 18-11. After a pair of error by the Phoenix, Lester was able to record a pair of kills but the Warriors were able to reach set point. The Warriors took set four off a serving error by Sturzoiu, winning 25-16.

The Warriors were able to take a 3-1 lead to start the fifth set, coming from a pair of Phoenix errors. Chambers was able to find an opening in the defense, as the Warriors still lead 7-2. A kill by Lester and Asa Sewell, put the Phoenix down two with a score of 8-6. The Warriors were able to tack on two more kills to increase the lead to 11-7. A bad set by Brain Hogg and a serving error by Lester put the Warriors at set point. Another attack error by Lester allowed the Warriors to in the set, 15-8, and winning the match, 3-2.