January 22, 20211st2nd3rd4th5thFinal
Cumberland (Tenn.)1225252292
Trinity Internationa25231925153
CUTeam StatsTIU
.103Hitting Pct..203
175Total Attacks153
Isabella Curcio - 14
KillsTorres - 15
Victoria Johnson - 41
AssistsSkrzypchak - 43
Jovana Cernjanski - 3
AcesTorres - 4
Jovana Cernjanski - 20
DigsFreeman - 33
Luciana Arena - 7.0
BlocksKovalczuk - 2.0
Hawkins - 2.0
January 22, 20211st2nd3rd4th5thFinal
Cumberland (Tenn.)24212725152
Judson (Ill.)26252521173
CUTeam StatsJU
.221Hitting Pct..222
145Total Attacks153
Lauren Galvan - 13
KillsEmmaline Davey - 17
Victoria Johnson - 48
AssistsMadeline Shepherd - 27
Isabella Curcio - 1
Jovana Cernjanski - 1
Victoria Johnson - 1
Lauren Galvan - 1
AcesEnola Varga - 3
Jovana Cernjanski - 16
DigsEnola Varga - 17
Olivia Dodd - 2.0
BlocksKatie Valeria - 6.0
Phoenix Women's Volleyball falls to 0-2 after their first matches of the season
Friday, January 22, 2021
Phoenix Women's Volleyball falls to 0-2 after their first matches of the season
Victoria Johnson finished the day with 89 assists. (Credit: Steve Wampler)

ELGIN, Illi.- The Phoenix fought tooth and nail against Trinity International and Judson University in the TIU/Judson Crossover but fell to both tonight in five sets, 3-2.

Cumberland Vs Trinity International

Cumberland (0-1, 0-0) lost its first match of the season, as they went five matches but came up short against Trinity International. Isabella Curcio led the Phoenix in kill with 14, while also recording 12 digs. Jovana Cernjanski was able to record a team-high with 20 digs. Victoria Johnson tallied in 41 assists, as well as eight digs.

In the first set, the Trojans went on a quick 5-1 lead against the Phoenix coming from two serving aces and two kills from Trinity’s Brianna Torres. The Trojans continued to keep the lead due to errors by the Phoenix, putting the score to 11-4. A serving ace by Shea Moore and a kill by Curcio helped the Phoenix to start cutting the lead down, making the score 15-7. Continuous errors by the Phoenix, put the Trojans ahead for set one as they won, 25-12.

The Phoenix came into set two with a spark, as they jumped to a 3-1 lead coming from a kill by Samantha Holguin and Lauren Galvan. The Trojans were able to tie the Phoenix at five and went on a 5-0 run coming from multiple kills by Jazmin Coronado. The lead was maintained until mid-set when the Phoenix were able to rally back and tie the game at 15. After errors by both teams, the Phoenix went on to call a timeout with a score tied at 22. Cumberland was able to pull away with set two, as Cernjanski was able to record a serving ace, along with a kill by Maddie Perez assisted by Johnson, Putting the Phoenix ahead, 25-23.

Cumberland was even stronger on the attack in the third set, earning 13 points off kills, but the trend from the first set continued as the team committed even more unforced errors. A pair of serving aces by Cernjanski put the score in the Phoenix favor with a score of 15-12. Kills by Galvan and Perez both assisted by Johnson continued the lead for the Phoenix at 22-19, forcing the Trojans to take a timeout. The Phoenix came out of the timeout and finished the set quickly as a kill by Curcio, and an ace by Perez put Cumberland as the winner of set three with a score of 25-19.

The Trojans came into set four strong, as they took a 5-1 lead early. The Phoenix began to cut the lead due to errors by the Trojans but with multiple miscues by the Phoenix, the Trojans were able to keep the lead with a score of 15-10. The Phoenix went on a 5-0 run, from kills by Johnson, Curcio, and Luciana Arena, putting the score to 24-20. A kill by Trinity’s Brianna Torres put the Trojans ahead of set four with a score of 25-22.

The beginning of set five was neck-and-neck until the Trojans were able to take advantage of Cumberland's errors allowing them to take an 8-5 lead. The Phoenix continued to rally back by making the score 13-8, but came up short, as the Trojans were able to pull away set five by a final kill from Matty Hawkins. Trinity International won the match with a score of 3-2.





Cumberland vs Judson

Cumberland’s Lauren Galvan led the team with 13 kills, while Olivia Dodd followed behind with 12. Jovana Cernjanski was able to tally 16 digs, and Victoria Johnson was able to record 48 assists for the Phoenix.

The Phoenix go into the first set of the second match strong as they jump to a 9-4 lead over the Judson Eagles, coming from a double kill by Galvan and a single by Curcio, all assisted by Johnson. The eagles began to fight back as they were able to tie the game up at 12. Cumberland was able to take a five-point lead against the Eagles due to attacking errors, putting the score at 19-15. Errors by the Phoenix changed the momentum in the game and helped the Eagles come back and tie it at 23. Continuous errors by the Phoenix allowed the Eagles to take set one with a score of 26-24.

The Eagles came into set two with the same momentum as they took a 4-1 lead over the Phoenix. Multiple kills by Holguin and Galvan all assisted by Johnson helped the Phoenix take over the lead at 10-8. A kill by Cumberland’s Olivia Dodd and Galvan continued to keep the Phoenix ahead with a score of 18-15. Kills by Judson’s Emmaline Davey and Briana Burns tied the game at 21. The Eagles were able to take away set two from the Phoenix as they were able to win the set, 25-21.

Set three was nothing but fast for the Phoenix, as they were able to take a go-ahead 6-1 lead. The Eagles began to chip at the lead as they were able to make it a 12-10 game. A kill by Curcio and Holguin helped start a 4-0 run for the Phoenix. Judson was able to come back and tie Cumberland at 19, due to the errors by the Phoenix. After a quick solo kill by Galvan, Arena was able to hit back-to-back kills for the Phoenix to take set three, 27-25.

The Phoenix struck first and continued to dominate the game taking a 7-3 lead. Two kills by Davey and a pair of errors by the Phoenix to tie the game at seven for the Eagles. The Eagles were able to take a 15-13 lead, but a kill by Dodd and Holguin put the Phoenix back ahead at 17-15. The Eagles continued to try and fight back but the Phoenix were too dominant defensively on the court, while Curcio was able to seal the game for the Phoenix with a pair of kills, winning the set, 25-21.

Set five was nothing but intense on each side of the court as the score continued to stay tied until the Phoenix took an 8-6 lead. After a kill by Dodd but an error by Galvan put the Phoenix ahead of the Eagles 13-12. The Eagles were able to take a 16-15 lead, coming from a Davey solo kill. Judson was able to connect on an ace to end the set, putting Judson as the winner of the match with a score of 3-2.

The Phoenix will face against William Penn University in Deerfield Illinois tomorrow at 10 A.M.