Endowment Fund

The Bulldog wrestling endowment is the fundraising arm of Cumberland University Bulldogs Alumni/Family/Friends Foundation. Its purpose is to raise scholarship dollars for Bulldog wrestling student-athletes and raise enough money to build the needed wrestling facility. The cost of a university education continues to increase, which means that wrestling student-athletes must rely on scholarship dollars. The Bulldog wrestling endowment exists to help those wrestling student-athletes achieve their goal of earning an education while still competing in a sport they love in a facility that will enable them to properly and safely train at anytime.

Bulldog Wrestling strives to offer its wrestlers and coaches the necessary tools to compete athletically and to provide a quality education. Bulldog wrestling would like the experience of attending Cumberland University to be one that these wrestlers never forget. Whether you recently attended, or are a fan of the program, one fact is for sure, we are all BULLDOGS! Please help by joining the Bulldog Wrestling Endowment and support the wrestlers of Cumberland University.
Cumberland head coach Todd Allen is pleased to announce a special challenge issued to benefit the CU Wrestling Program. A dear friend of the University is pledging a personal one-to-one matching contribution up to $1,000 per wrestling alumnus annually.
For example, if a wrestling alumnus contributes up to $1,000 each year to any University program or priority, the gift will be matched at the same amount annually up to a period of 10 years. This commitment will create The Wrestling Alumni Challenge, which will augment the University’s wrestling program and increase alumni support from athletes. 
Should you choose to make a contribution of $500 to the wrestling program, this generous donor will match that $500. That’s $1,000 of unrestricted support for the wrestling program. Think of the impact this could have should you and your fellow wrestling alums participate in this challenge. 
The wrestling program has much to be proud of, including a Top 10 listing in the National Wrestling Coaches Associations’ recent listing of the 2012 All-Academic NAIA Wrestling Teams.
Help continue to make this program a very successful and vital part of Cumberland athletics. With the combined generosity of alumni like you and your teammates, the future continues to be bright for the Cumberland University wrestling program. 

Please contact Meredith McDowell by email at [email protected] or by  phone (615.547.1253) if you want more information about how you can make your gift. You can also visit us online at www.cumberland.edu/giving.

Donate to the Bulldog Wrestling Endowment here. Click Other on the link and type in Wrestling to make sure your donation goes to the Wrestling program.