CU Moves to 11th in Nation
Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Cumberland University wrestling moves up three spots to 11th in the 12/21/06 NAIA national poll. This ranking is the highest in the programs nine year history. Corey Bleaken at 149 moved up one spot to 4th, Luke Borneman at 184 went up two spots to 6th, and Ben Briscoe catapulted into a 4th place ranking after not being ranked in the previous poll. Eric McCray at 184 fell out of the rankings after a tough loss to a regional opponent in the last tournament at Ohio Northern University. The wrestlers will start back up January 5-6 at the Midwest Classic at Indianapolis University, Indiana. The team will be headed to the national duals in Cedar Rapids Iowa the following week. The national duals are by invitation only and the Cumberland University wrestling team was recently invited due to another team dropping out.

NAIA Team Wrestling Rating
1. Lindenwood (Mo.)
2. Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)
3. William Penn (Iowa)
4. Dickinson State (N.D.)
5. Cumberlands (Ky.)
6. Dana (Neb.)
7. Missouri Valley
8. Campbellsville (Ky.)
9. Menlo (Calif.)
10. Great Falls (Mont.)
11. Cumberland (Tenn.)
12. McKendree (Ill.)
13. Jamestown (N.D.)
14. Montana State-Northern
15. Simon Fraser (B.C.)
15. Missouri Baptist
17. Oklahoma City Univ.
18. Bacone (Okla.)
18. Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)
20. Waldorf (Iowa)
20. York (Neb.) 

NAIA Individual Wrestling Ratings


1, Delrico Choates, Univ. of Cumberlands (Ky.)

2, Richard Byrd, Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)

3, Josh Sampo, Lindenwood (Mo.)

4, Mark Johnston, Dickinson State (N.D.)

5, Craig Trampe, Dana (Neb.)

6, Jon Lloyd, Lindenwood (Mo.)

7, Steve Costello, Montana State-Northern

8, Trevor Lofstedt, Southern Oregon

8, Billy Exline, Missouri Valley


1, Kyle Jahn, McKendree (Ill.)

2, Ryan Moyer, Lindenwood (Mo.)

3, Burke Barnes, Dana (Neb.)

4, Jason Moreno, Lindenwood (Mo.)

5, John Gerhold, Missouri Valley

6, Mike Miller, McKendree (Ill.)

7, Franky Villascusa, Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)

8, Scott Thompson, Jamestown (N.D.)



1, Brad Cooper, Univ. of Cumberlands (Ky.)

2, Gordon Villascusa, Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)

3, Terrence Almond, Dana (Neb.)

4, Earl Robinson, William Penn (Iowa)

4, Kyle Norred, Campbellsville (Ohio)

6, Brian Graham, Dana (Neb.)

7, Chris Smith, Montana State Northern

8, Clint Leonard, Missouri Valley



1, Darren Cotton, William Penn (Iowa)

2, Dustin Center, Cumberlands (Ky.)

3, Chris Seta, Campbellsville (Ky.)

4, Corey Bleaken, Cumberland (Tenn.)

5, Brad Maulan, Jamestown (N.D.)

6, Jason Mendez, Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)

7, Jon Carnes, Bacone (Okla.)

8, Jairus Murton, Campbellsville (Ky.)


1, Hayden Harrison, ERAU (Ariz.)

2, Chad Jennings, Missouri Valley

3, David Clemens, Campbellsville (Ky.)

4, Wayne French, Great Falls (Mont.)

5, Justin Wolfrum, Lindenwood (Mo.)

6, Jason Bilinski, Dana (Neb.)

7, Chas Skelly, Missouri Baptist

8, Brandon Graham, William Penn (Iowa)


1, Jake Diffenbach, Lindenwood (Mo.)

2, Nate Sturgis, William Penn (Iowa)

3, David Krawczyk, Simon Fraser (B.C.)

4, Calvin Devault, ERAU (Ariz.)

5, Shane Bennett, Dickinson State (N.D.)

6, Marty Unsman, William Penn (Iowa)

7, Randy Vanderveen, Lindenwood (Mo.)

8, Kevin Guinn, Waldorf (Iowa)



1, Mike Kummer, Great Falls (Mont.)

2, Abe Trujillo, William Penn (Iowa)

3, John Salter, Lindenwood (Mo.)

4, Matt Cauley, Lindenwood (Mo.)

5, Jake Toavs, Dickinson State (N.D.)

6, John Wilcox, Oklahoma City

7, Stanton Schlect, Dickinson State (N.D.)

8, David Waters, Montana State-Northern



1, Jasper Lockett, Missouri Valley

2, Joeffre Lander, ERAU (Ariz.)

3, Kyle Frawley, Lindenwood (Mo.)

4, Mariano Sanchez, Menlo (Calif.)

5, Matt Michaelson , Dickinson State (N.D.)

6, Luke Borneman, Cumberland (Tenn.)

7, Webster Farris, Dana (Neb.)

8, Tony Ponce, York (Neb.)



1, Justin Schlect, Dickinson State (N.D.)

2, Matt Juncal, Lindenwood (Mo.)

3, Tyrell Blanche, Menlo (Calif.)

4, Ben Briscoe, Cumberland (Tenn.)

5, Wade Jordan , Dana (Neb.)

6, Glenn Jackson, Campbellsville (Ohio)

7, Brian Fritchman, Montana State-Northern

7, Wade Empting, Missouri Valley


1, Eric Flinchum, Cumberlands (Ky.)

2, Clay Rogers, Dickinson State (N.D.)

3, Chauncey Coleman, William Penn (Iowa)

4, Sam Sand, Jamestown (N.D.)

5, Jacob Hallmark, Menlo (Calif.)

6, Jared Bonnell, Missouri Baptist

7, Lionel Riley, Dakota Wesleyan

8, Mike Hughes, Menlo (Calif.)