Phoenix go 4-0 at the Valley Clash Duals
Friday, December 17, 2021
Phoenix go 4-0 at the Valley Clash Duals
River Henry picked up two wins at the Valley Clash Duals. (Credit: Dale Rutemeyer)

MARSHALL, Mo.--Cumberland wrestling picked up four dual wins at the Valley Clash Duals against No. 9 Baker, William Penn, St. Ambrose, and host Missouri Valley.

The Phoenix had their toughest dual of the day first, but the seventh-ranked Phoenix handled No. 9 Baker 25-14. Freshman Eli Clemmons pinned the No. 11 wrestler at the 141-weight class Asiel Flores in the first period for a big upset. Keshawn Laws upset No. 9 Dominic Arellano with a 7-2 decision. Cole Smith handled No. 11 Joey Handock easily with an 18-5 major decision as Cumberland picked up the ranked win 25-14. 

Cumberland crusied through William Baptist winning 31-6. CU started that match off with six points as William Penn forfeited the 125-weight. Hayden Lemmons picked up a tech fall and Blaine Fussel defeated Hector Diaz 10-5. Clemmons won with a major and Clark Leddon upset No. 17 165 with a 13-12 decision. Austin Anctliffe and River Henry notched decisions. Grant Clarkson closed it with a major decision.

The Phoenix defeated St. Ambrose 38-6 in the third dual of the day. Alex Fields opened up the match with a major decision and Laws picked up a pin to put Cumberland up 10-0. Clemmons and Ryan Long each won decisions. Matthew Sells had a quick pin in the first minute of the match and Antcliffe had a major decision. The Bees forfeited the 197-weight class and Clarkson closed with a pinfall.

Cumberland took on the host Missouri Valley in the final dual and dominated 38-6 winning all, but one match. Carter Cox started the dual with a 10-4 decision. Laws and Clemmons picked up their second major decision of the day to put CU up 11-6. Maia won by forfeit, Smith posted a pin in the first period, and Sells won by a 4-0 decision. Antcliffe and Henry each registered decision and Clarkson closed it with his second pin of the day.

Cumberland will be back in action at the NWCA National Duals hosted in Louisville on January 6 and 7. The schedule for the duals have not been released yet.  

FINAL SCORE: No. 7 CUMBERLAND 25, No. 9 Baker 14
125: #4 Carter Cox (CU) def. James Freitag (BU) (Dec. 7-1)
133: #19 Keshawn Laws (CU) def. #9 Dominick Arellano (Dec. 7-2)
141: #9 Austin Kolvek (BU) def. Blaine Fussel (CU) (MD, 12-1)
149: Eli Clemmons (CU) def. #11 Asiel Flores (BU) (Fall 1:51)
157: Dallas Koelzer (BU) def. #7 Anthony Maia (CU) (Dec. 8-7)
165: #2 Cole Smith (CU) def. #11 Joey Hancock (BU) (MD 18-5)
174: #4 Isaiah Luellen(BU) def. Matthew Sells (CU) (MD, 11-3)
184: Austin Antcliffe (CU) def. Brett Bober (BU) (Dec. 10-7)
197: #20 Malachi Karibo (BU) def. River Henry (CU) (Dec. 6-3) 
285: #5 Patrick Depiazza (CU) def. Wyait Halliburton (BU) (Fall 5:57)
FINAL SCORE: No. 7 CUMBERLAND 31, William Penn 6
125: #4 Carter Cox (CU) def. unknown (Forefeit) 
133: Hayden Lemmons (CU) def. Marcus Wilson (WP) (TF 16-1) 
141: Blaine Fussel (CU) def. Hector Diaz (WP) (Dec. 10-5)
149: Eli Clemmons (CU) def. Troy Mita (WP) (MD, 12-3)
157: #20 Cameron Hargrove (WP) def. Ryan Long (CU) (Dec. 4-0)
165: Clark Leddon (CU) def. #17 Matheson Meade (WP) (Dec. 13-12) 
174: #15 Maikail Stanley (WP) def. Matthew Sells (CU) (Dec. 8-3) 
184: Austin Antcliffe (CU) def. Mason Walters (WP) (Dec. 5-1)
197: River Henry (CU) def. Jesse Schwery (WP) (Dec. 8-4)
285: Grant Clarkson (CU) def. Branson Bottorf (WP) (MD 13-1) 
FINAL SCORE: No. 7 CUMBERLAND 38, St. Ambrose 6
125: Alex Fields (CU) over Michael Chagnon (St. A) (MD, 13-5)
133: #19 Keshawn Laws (CU) def. Blake Dirksen (St. A) (Fall 1:52)
141: Riley Woods (St. A) def. Cage Leddon (CU) (Dec. 7-3)
149: Eli Clemmons (CU) def. Diego Machado (St. A) (Dec. 6-3)
157: Ryan Long (CU) def. Anthony Orduna (St. A) (Dec. 10-3) 
165: Chris Bridges (St. A) def. Clark Leddon (CU) (Dec. 2-0) 
174: Matthew Sells (CU) def. Jack Merlo (St. A) (Fall 0:50)
184: Austin Antcliffe (CU) def. Dylan Meiners (St. A) (MD, 15-6)
197: River Henry (CU) def. unknown (Forfeit)
285: Grant Clarkson (CU) def. Robert Stohl (St. A) (Fall 2:23)
FINAL SCORE: No. 7 CUMBERLAND 38, Missorui Valley 6
125: #4 Carter Cox (CU) def. Weiyi Zheng (MVC) (Dec. 10-4) 
133: #19 Keshawn Laws (CU) def. Dessmund Prospero (MVC) (MD 12-0)
141: Donovan Parn (MVC) def. Blaine Fussel (CU) (Fall 1:03)
149: Eli Clemmons (CU) def. Derek Torza (MVC) (MD 19-10)
157: #7 Anthony Maia (CU) def. unknown (Forfeit)
165: #2 Cole Smith (CU) def. Brody von Brethorst (MVC) (Fall 0:53)
174: Matthew Sells (CU) def. Drake Tipton (MVC) (Dec. 4-0)
184: Austin Antcliffe (CU) def. Kohner Gallagher (MVC) (Dec. 5-3)
197: River Henry (CU) def. #12 Karim Shakur (MVC) (Dec. 5-2)
285: Grant Clarkson (CU) def. Mario Quezada (MVC) (Fall 2:39)