Quick Facts

2019-20 Quick Facts

Location: Lebanon, Tenn.
Enrollment: 2,550
Founded: 1842
Nickname: Phoenix
Colors: Cardinal (PMS 202) and White
Affiliation: NAIA
President: Dr. Paul Stumb (Auburn University, 1978)
Faculty Athletics Representative: C. Rick Bell (Middle Tennessee, 1991)
Director of Athletics: Ron Pavan (Lubbock Christian, 1986)
Director of Athletics Phone: 615/547-1348
Athletics Phone: 615/547-1242
Athletic Fax: 615/443-8422
Website: www.GoCumberlandAthletics.com
Conference: Mid-South
Facility: Dallas Floyd Recreation Center (2,000)

Head Coach: James Hicks, Third Season (Campbellsville Univ., 2009)
Office Phone: 615/547-1292
[email protected]
Overall Record: 29-22
Assistant Coach:
Nate Croley, First Season (Cumberland Univ., 2018)
Office Phone: 615/453-6328
[email protected]
Graduate Assistant:
Bryce Carr, First Season (Cumberland Univ., 2019)
E-mail: [email protected]

Kyle Allen
Allen’s E-mail:
[email protected]
Allen’s Office Phone:
Graduate Assistant:
Casey Surma
Surma's E-mail:
[email protected]
Graduate Assistant:
Spencer Claypool
Claypool's Email:
[email protected]
Sports Information Fax:
Mailing Address:
   One Cumberland Square
   Lebanon, TN 37087
Starters Returning/Lost:
National Qualifiers Returning/Lost: 1/4
All-Americans Returning/Lost: 0/3

NAIA Champions:
Keith Cupp (174), 2005; Corey Bleaken (157), 2011; Jake Williams (149), 2014; Jake Williams (149), 2015
2016-17 NAIA All-Americans: Nate Croley (157, 3rd), Sammy Rosario (6th, 133), Kyle Delaune (6th, 184)
2015-16 NAIA All-Americans: Nate Croley (157, 7th)
2014-15 NAIA All-Americans: Jake Williams (149, 1st), Scott Stewart (285, 2nd), Kyle Delaune (184, 4th)
2013-14 NAIA All-Americans: Jake Williams (149, 1st), Cody Linton (184, 2nd), Zeke Hunt (174, 6th)
2012-13 NAIA All-Americans:
Cody Linton (184, 4th), Jake Williams (141, 6th), Zeke Hunt (174, 8th)
2010-11 NAIA All-Americans:
Corey Bleaken (157, 1st), James Casadaban (174, 7th)
2009-10 NAIA All-Americans:
James Casadaban (157, 2nd), Mikey Davis (141, 3rd)
2008-09 NAIA All-American:
Corey Bleaken (149, 7th)
2007-08 NAIA All-American: Jordan Powers (184, 8th)
2006-07 NAIA All-Americans: Corey Bleaken (149, 3rd) Theo Dotson (149, 8th)
2004-05 NAIA All-Americans: Keith Cupp (174, 1st), Casey Brewster (133, 7th)
2003-04 NAIA All-American: Stephen Westbeld (197, 8th)

2016-17 NAIA Scholar-Athlete: Matt Carroll, Evan Cole, Peter Donchev
2015-16 NAIA Scholar-Athlete:
Nick Paden, Peter Donchev
2014-15 NAIA Scholar-Athlete:
Jamison Manning, Nick Paden, Christian Varner
2013-14 NAIA Scholar-Athlete: Zeke Hunt, Steven Sandefer
2012-13 NAIA Scholar-Athlete:
Zeke Hunt
2011-12 NAIA Scholar-Athlete:
Andy Schoultz
2010-11 NAIA Scholar-Athletes:
Joshua Chappa, Adam Myers, Andy Schoultz
2009-10 NAIA Scholar-Athletes: Trey Myers, Adam Myers, Andy Schoultz
2008-09 NAIA Scholar-Athlete: Eric Rogers
2007-08 NAIA Scholar-Athlete:
Kyle Knox
2006-07 NAIA Scholar-Athlete: Kyle Knox
2005-06 NAIA Scholar-Athletes: Clayton Crouse, Ben Watson
2004-05 NAIA Scholar-Athletes: Clayton Crouse, Jared Grindstaff
2003-04 NAIA Scholar-Athletes:
Clayton Crouse, Jared Grindstaff, Matt Grindstaff, Donnie Scruggs